All of our Olive trees (except Kalamata) are propagated from cuttings so as to avoid the need to remove rootstock suckers and to ensure the characteristics of the selected parent plant are produced in the progeny.

The cuttings are taken in December/January, dipped in rooting powder and set in tubes containing a light potting mixture and placed onto heat beds until root development begins.

The tubes are then transferred to a poly house as we wait for them to burst. When this occurs the Olive is potted up into the 4 litre poly bag, in steam pasteurised potting mix and irrigated with chlorinated water to ensure that they are supplied free of soil borne diseases. The trees are trained and staked and grown-on for a period of 12 months to attain saleability.

We produce according to market demand, currently between 15,000 to 25,000 trees per year, of approximately 16 varieties.