All of our citrus trees are container grown in steam pasteurised potting mix, in 4 litre poly bags. We irrigate with chlorinated water to ensure that the trees are supplied free of soil borne diseases. We produce according to market demand and currently we have up to 200,000 trees in the nursery, in varying growth stages.

We purchase the propagating material from the Australian Citrus Propagation Association when available. There are at least 80 varieties to choose from and 8 different rootstocks.

In June we purchase and extract seed from rootstock trees. The seed is washed, hot water treated, steeped at 52°C and air-dried. It is then coated with fungicide and cool stored until sown in August.

Once germinated the rootstock is potted up into root training gro-tubes and grown on until Autumn, when it is then budded onto with a fruiting variety. Budded trees are then over wintered and potted up into the 4 litre poly bags after bud burst, September onwards. The 4 litre tree is trained and staked and sold approximately twelve months after pot-up, effectively taking 2½ years to produce a saleable tree.